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Pamela is a Melbourne, Australia based professional Belly Dancer and teacher, with over twenty years experience. She has held numerous and long residencies in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with thousands of performances at: weddings, cultural events, christenings and other special occasions. Internationally she has danced in: Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon

I have loved every moment of sharing this beautiful art form with my audiences!
As a Bellydance teacher it is a truly humbling and rewarding experience to teach such a graceful, elegant, dynamic and vivacious dance style. With women from all walks of life. All cultures, all ages, all shapes and sizes, including ‘Belly Babes’, little girls under five years of age. Seeing the inner beauty shine and their self confidence grow, is a wonderful experience.

I’ve have taught special needs classes for over ten years and continue to do is a pleasure. The benefits for the participants of such a dance class are:

  • Giving People the Ability to Express Emotions.
  • Stress Relief.
  • Increased physical fitness and Gross Motor Skills Development.
  • Improved confidence and Self-esteem.
  • Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Performing and teaching has been a beautiful part of my life. It’s been and continues to be a very joyful and exciting journey for me.

Club Rakasah is something that I am passionate about. To bring professional and world class Belly Dancer’s to our stage, to share their personal interpretations of the belly dance tradition is a unique and treasured honour.

Inspiring a student to attain great heights in their dance career is also very important. To have the opportunity, either as a performer or as a guest at Club Rakasah to dance to a live band, is pure delight. Especially when you catch the drum beat with your hips.

If you are ever visiting Melbourne, make sure it’s on a Club Rakasah Friday night!

Pamelas School motto is “She dances freely, when she truly sees herself”

With Love
Pamela Belly Dance